Reception desks

How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

Within just seconds of walking into a place of business, whether it’s a shop, an office or the reception area of an industrial unit, we all make our minds up in a flash as to what we think about a company. This is precisely why it’s vital to make sure your company’s reception area is geared towards making that all-important positive first impression.

To Sit or to Stand … Is Stand-Up Working Good for Your Health?

On average, British people sit for 8.9 hours per day. Research has revealed that sitting for longer than 4 hours a day can lead to a number of health issues. The solution? Sit-stand working. But considerations must be made before adopting this method of working.


Should My Office Chair Have Armrests?

Most office chairs have armrests, with many having adjustable armrests but why are they important parts of office seating? Many of us spend around 8 hours each day at our desks so comfort and safety are important. Armrests help to reduce strain on the shoulders and help to cut down neck pain. They also help… Read more

What is boardroom style seating?

As you can see from our office seating selection, there are many different types of office chairs including breakout seating, canteen seating, ergonomic chairs, task office seating, booths and reception chairs as well as boardroom seats. But what is it that makes boardroom style seating different to other types? The idea of meeting or boardroom… Read more

Types of Office Chairs

When furnishing your office, it is important to choose the right sort of chair in terms of ergonomics, style and comfort. We offer a variety of different styles of office chairs, so here we will go into the details about the different types, to help you when choosing the right one. Breakout seats and stools… Read more

Meeting room layout tips and ideas

Meeting rooms serve not only a functional purpose for your organisation, but can give a positive (or negative) impression of your business to external people. Clients, suppliers and potential investors could all attend meetings in your office and the meeting room therefore needs to look suitable. From a functional perspective, the room’s layout should suit… Read more

Office Storage for Small spaces

For smaller offices, finding the space to store everything you need can be tricky. Your employees will need enough space to comfortably work and move around, but paperwork and private documents, need to be hidden away. Rather than upgrading to a larger office, there are a number of options for making the most of the… Read more


Computer Ergonomics Guidelines

Many of us spend the majority of our working day sitting at a desk, using a computer. Over time, poor seating and unnatural positioning can cause discomfort and injuries. It is therefore worthwhile knowing the computer ergonomics guidelines to ensure that you and your employees are safe. We recently wrote an article entitled The Importance… Read more

What is modular furniture?

The world of office furniture includes language you may not have heard anywhere else. Subject-specific words pop up all over the place and one of the common types of furniture – modular office furniture is a great example of this. This type of furniture is very popular in offices, available in a variety of styles… Read more

What Office Chair Should I Buy?

When choosing new office chairs it is important to think about various factors before rushing in and buying the cheapest chairs available. I need a chair that will be comfortable for long periods of time. If the chair is being used for 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week then a standard cheap office… Read more