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Ergonomic Office Chair

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomics: The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office Chair According to Backcare.org.uk, almost half of the adult population in the UK suffers from back pain lasting more than 24 hours at least once a year. Ergonomists… Read more

Boardroom Layout

Planning Your Boardroom Layout

When planning your office boardroom layout, you should take many factors into consideration before deciding which furniture to purchase. The most important thing to remember is the size of your boardroom and therefore what is the maximum size your boardroom table can be (remember you will also need room for all of the chairs to… Read more

Italian Design Office furniture

What Is Italian Design Office Furniture?

The main difference between standard office furniture and Italian office furniture is the contemporary design which offers clean lines and oozes sophistication. Italian office furniture is heavily focused on modern design and can instantly transform an ordinary workspace into a stylish ultramodern office. Italian office furniture design is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day office,… Read more

Do You Give Your Staff A Good Breakout Zone?

Breakout zones are increasingly popular in the modern day office. What started as an idea to use dead space to put some funky seating and beanbags for decoration is now becoming an essential element for the modern office. Breakout areas are now used more and more as an informal relaxation area, but are also fantastic… Read more


Height Adjustable and Sit-stand Desks

Medical research has shown that constantly sitting at our desk all day is likely a factor in causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes. It may soon be European standard and therefore national law to offer workers using workstations and desks the option to sit or stand in their working day – making justable desks… Read more

executive desk

Choosing the Best Style of Desk for Your Office

When it comes to creating the right office environment to best suit your company, finding the right office furniture can sometimes prove tricky. Perhaps the most difficult part to get right is what kind of desks to buy and trying to find the balance between style and practicality. The Executive City Office: Executive desks are… Read more

Does Your Reception Reflect Your Company’s Standing?

A welcoming reception area is perhaps the most crucial part of your office environment to get right. It is the first port of call for visitors and clients, and so it’s very important to make a good first impression and reflect well on your company’s brand. It is therefore a good idea browse through the… Read more