Modern office design

A Look Inside Today’s Modern Office

A place that creates a positive, welcoming impression and that is a pleasure in which to work. That’s the perfect office! These are also the values that the modern office moulds itself upon. If you are seeking to create a workspace that is a benefit to your business, your visitors and your staff, looking at modern trends in office design is a good place to start. So let’s take a look at the latest trends in office layout, furniture and décor and how everything fits into today’s working methods.

Eco friendly office

How to Make your Office Redesign Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly office is of course a wonderful thing to have for environmental reasons. It also helps considerably in presenting a brand that cares; in demonstrating responsibility and also in attracting the right type of new blood into your organisation. If you are thinking about an office refit, going down the eco-friendly route could help you enjoy numerous benefits. Wondering how to go about it? Read on!

Accessible office

Is Your Office Accessible for all?

Under current law, visitors to any premises and the people who work in them must be able to access those premises without barriers, regardless of their abilities. With one in five people of working age in Great Britain having a disability and 2 per cent of the working age population becoming disabled each year, it is vital for employers and premises managers to be aware of their legal responsibilities, and to take the necessary steps to comply with them.

Italian office furniture

What Makes Italian Design Office Furniture So Popular?

At TAG Office we take pride in our large selection of Italian Office Furniture, but what is it that makes it so popular? Italian office furniture has a very contemporary look and uses a large selection of different materials to create a stylish finish to suit a large variety of different office types. Dark wood… Read more

Italian Design Office furniture

What Is Italian Design Office Furniture?

The main difference between standard office furniture and Italian office furniture is the contemporary design which offers clean lines and oozes sophistication. Italian office furniture is heavily focused on modern design and can instantly transform an ordinary workspace into a stylish ultramodern office. Italian office furniture design is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day office,… Read more